Collars for Training Your Puppy.

The following information will give you some tips about training your puppy or dog, as man’s best friend, we know why they are so popular as pets and hunting companions, but don’t forget that they are instinctively curious, very mischievous and often chew on most everything.

Always use your dog’s name when issuing commands. When training your dog, it is important to be able to get and maintain their attention. Using your dog’s name when giving a command will make them focus. Use your dog’s name often. Get them used to both hearing and responding to it.

It is hard to separate puppies and kids, they seem to go hand in hand with each other, but you need to remember that the puppy is a pack animal. As a pack animal, when they are playing with kids they are displaying dominance that is not noticed by children, so do not allow your children to give commands without you being right their with them. The dog will hear the commands from your child, but will not respond if it is part of  game time, the animal will believe this is play talk and not commands.

Commands should be to the point, such as sit, stay, here to achieve the best results. Using the word “no” is common for most of us and so we use it for different things, ex., no – to get off the couch, no – don’t jump, no – to stop barking…..and so on. You need to make it easy for your dog to respond by using a different command for each thing that you want them to do, such as “Shhh” to stop barking.

Always think in terms of a child, a stronger impact can be achieved by using many short training session as opposed to one long one. Your puppy loves to play, so keep things short and to the point and you will have much greater success with your over all training.

At a very young age, puppies are able to learn simple commands. If your puppy is tired, highly excited, or exploring his space, your training session will probably not be very successful. You will need your puppy’s full attention to assure your training session is worth your time.

More often  than not, if a dog is having a problem such as urinating or having a bowel movement on the carpet, and this dog is properly trained….get to the vet. These kind of accidents generally are a sign the animal is sick or has an infection of some kind. Do not scold the dog should this happen, it is not their fault and they did not intentionally do this to make you mad..

With all the breeds of dogs out there, you need to do a little research to find a suitable companion. The more compatible a breed is to your lifestyle, the better chances you will have of training and making your pet a part of the family.

Puppies are notorious for chewing everything in site, why not? life is a game to them. You should make sure to keep plenty of toys around that are theirs and with that you need to think about a training collar. Why?, first these are not the shock collars of the old days and you are not going to hear your puppy yelp from pain.

Anxiety is a real problem for certain dogs and changes in routine cause undue stress. If you are aware of the daily routines that you do, you can help to control your dogs stress levels. Separation anxiety is something you can train your dog to deal with, making for a much happier life for the both of you.

You have to be committed to training for yourself and for your dog to be happy. We have all seen those people who are frustrated because they cannot control their pet. If you are inexperienced in training animals is is wise to get a training collar or a track and train collar, this will give you faster results and is safe for your pet.

We need exercise, whether we do it daily or not it is good for us, your animal is no different, regular, daily exercise will lead to a happy pet who will strive harder to make you happy by paying better attention and obeying those commands quicker.

When you are training your dog on a certain behavior, look for a quiet place to train him. Dogs can be easily distracted by everything around them. So, in order to keep your dog’s attention on the task, do the initial training in a quiet room. Your dog will learn quicker this way.

Treats should be used as a reward with your pet, not as a way to get their affection. If you give your dog table scraps everyday, then you are enabling the dog to be a beggar – that will go over real well when you have company. Treats are rewards for good behavior and you need to remember this.One tip to keep in mind when training your dog is to ensure that you make it absolutely clear to your dog what it is that your are disciplining it for. This is important to avoid confusion and to teach the dog what is desired and what is undesired behavior. An example of what to avoid is hitting your dog hours past and in adifferent room from where it shredded your couch.

All though I have talked about or mentioned the training collars, they are not to be used instead of a leash. A dog needs to be able to listen and obey commands when on a leash because of city ordinances. If the dog is pulling you on the leash, then you need to take the slack out of the leash and to the dog to walk next to your side.

Make sure your dog’s training sessions are brief. The ideal time to spend on a task is about fifteen minutes. When you exceed this amount of time, your dog can become frustrated and set your progress back. End each session by praising your dog.

Oh no it is potty training time!, this should not be going through your mind. Keep your self focused on your puppy, so that your puppy is focused on going to the bathroom and not on all of the distractions caused by smells and noise. Be sure to praise the dog for going potty, each and every time, you have to teach them by repetition that potty time is exactly that, now puppies and dogs are going to walk around smelling before they go, but you have to make sure it is not curiosity of the smells that are driving them and it is just the place they want to go.

You should not have to choose between your beloved dog and a clean home. Train your dog to avoid destructive behaviors like chewing. Take advantage of the tips mentioned here, and you will be rewarded with a peaceful environment and a loving dog.


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