Charging The Receiver Of the Puppy Training System To Make Certain You Get The Fullest Out Of Your Shock Collar

It truly is actually critical to help keep the batteries inside the receiver of your Tritronix electronic dog training collar charged.  Once you buy the puppy coaching technique, it’s going to come with a  receiver, a transmitter and also a charging wall mounting cradle.  

The batteries for the receiver are those which you will need to help keep charged.  Charging time for the receiver batteries takes about two hours.  To keep these batteries in good condition, it is possible to preserve them in the cradle when not in use so that they remain charged.  As opposed to other batteries, the NiMH batteries that include the receiver don’t have a memory so it is actually secure to charge them prior to they require to be charged.  You should ensure that that you simply charge your method routinely to stop them from running down after you are out on the field.  

The batteries for the transmitter are generally 9 volt batteries.  These can be changed or charged whenever you see the blinking red light.  A green light on the transmitter indicates that the battery on this device is in good condition.  If you opt for a rechargeable battery, you ought to charge it ahead of you get for the point exactly where the red light is blinking as this implies the battery just isn’t operating.  

The receiver comes with a cradle for storage and charging. The points of the cradle match up with all the points from the receiver.  You may would like to be sure that all of these points are kept clean.  Any time you put the receiver in to the cradle, ensure that it is clean and dry.  Although receivers are usually waterproof, you will need to understand that the cradle that can recharge the device just isn’t waterproof.  Never put a wet, dirty receiver into the charger as it can ruin the device.  

Along with charging your method regularly, it is best to also make sure you make certain that you simply by no means charge hot batteries and that the charger is kept at room temperature.  Whenever you are storing the unit, never ever expose it towards the components.  It should really be kept at space temperature upon storage and the receiver batteries really should be charged every so frequently as they’re kept within the cradle.  

The 9 volt transmitter battery ought to be removed upon storage in order that you don’t corrode the device.  

It is recommended which you recharge your batteries for your receiver at the least every single 4 months when not in use.  Throughout hunting season, after you are utilizing the device, you might want to make sure that you simply preserve the batteries charged.  Always make certain that the device is operating properly before taking your dog out into the field and affixing him using the receiver on his collar.  If the batteries are not operating, no signals may be sent to your canine, thus making your training method ineffective.  

By caring for your education collar technique and keeping it clean and charged, you’ll be able to anticipate to obtain a long life out of this beneficial pet dog training device.


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