Canine first aid knowledge

Is learning dog first aid really necessary? Learning first aid would not be necessary as there is a vet clinic in the neighborhood. Do you have this notion too? True, a vet’s expertise would be the dog’s first line of defense against illnesses and injuries. However, there are situations when vets are not available. Dog owners customarily take the pet wherever they go as these animals make wonderful companions. In emergency situations the competence of the owner to administer first aid will save the pet from suffering tremendous pain. First aid know how can even save the life of the pet.

A dog owner needs to act fast in emergency situations to save the life of the pet. A dog owner’s instinct is to rush the pet to the vet’s but in a lot of serious cases, the pet dies before reaching the veterinary facility. Stabilizing the pet’s condition with first aid before rushing to the vet’s would give the dog a better chance to survive. However only very few owners can recognize the symptoms of life threatening situations and not many dog owners have learned to give first aid to the pet

First aid for humans and for dogs are pretty similar. Anyone administering first aid to a dog has to be very careful as stressed dogs have the tendency to attack. Basic first aid can be easily learned from animal shelters. First aid methods can be learned for the vet. First aid can be learned as well from veterinary hospitals.

Learning first aid would be easier by using the ABC approach. A is for airways, B stands for breathing and C for circulation. Following the formula, the owner has to see if the airways of the dog is blocked and if the pet is breathing. The beating of the dog’s heart means that blood is still being pumped to the body parts. Artificial respiration is needed if the dog is no longer breathing. Dogs usually lick minor wounds. The dog’s licking will be ineffective in stopping severe bleeding thus owner has to administer first aid.

Accidents can happen to the pet despite the precautionary measures pet owners take. As these preventive measures would not eliminate all the risks to the dog’s life, a dog owner had better learn first aid methods. Due to the training, vets no doubt will be able to administer appropriate treatment to an injured pet but dog owners can alleviate the pet’s pain and even save the life of the dog with first aid skill and a well equipped first aid kit.



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