Buying Heartgard Plus for Dogs – The Sure Solution

Whether your dog is a pampered pooch or if you think your dog is really healthy and strong, the fact of the matter is that every dog is at risk for getting heartworm disease, which is a potentially deadly condition. It is imperative that you give special attention to the health of your dog and ensure that the canine does not get this disease by ensuring that your pet is given regular doses of the Heartgard plus.

Heartgard Plus for dogs

The Heartgard plus tablets are much in demand in many of the dog stores since they protect and safeguard the dogs against any potential health hazard or diseases.

Many of the oral medicines which are given to pet dogs are either mixed with the dog food or are given to the pet in the form of a tonic, but Heartgard plus is available in a form which is relished by the dogs and the dogs love eating it. The chewable medicine tabs contain beef, which is suitable for almost all dogs, however it would not be suitable for dogs with sensitivities to beef.

Those pets who are not comfortable chewing the beef tablets, can chew the normal tablets.

Heartgard tablets contain Ivermectin which is given to farm animals so as to protect them from parasites, and dogs positively respond to these tablets.

However, the amount of Ivermectin present in the medicine is minimal, which means that it will only eliminate heartworm larvae. The heartgard plus tablets does not actually put a stop to the larval heartworms, but it prevents infection from spreading and also prevents them from multiplying further, thereby reducing further health problems.

The working method of the tablets is pretty simple meaning, it does not stop your canine from attracting the heartworms, but actually eliminates all the existing larvae which has got mixed in your pet’s bloodstream.

Heartgard plus medicines need to be taken by your canine, every month religiously and strictly, so that the larvae does not keep multiplying.

Heartgard medicines are recommended by most of the vets since they help in wiping out the accumulated larvae as compared to the Ivermectin tablets which becomes weaker in power as the larvae grows and matures inside.

Pyrantel prevents parasites from multiplying in the canine’s body and hence it is included in Heartguard plus chewable tablets.

Pyrantel is very effective in getting rid of hookworms and roundworms and thus serves its part well in de-worming. These medicines are ideal to wipe out both the intestinal worms as well as heartworms together.



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