Begin your personal dea badge collection

If you value collecting various badges perhaps you can start your very own dea badge collection. The DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration is a Federal Agency that has been appointed to counter drug smuggling in the United States of America, and its badges have recently turned into collectors items.

Ever since Elvis Presley became an honorary dea agent and was presented his very own badge by President Nixon, his fans discovered a new-found fascination with collecting badges of various federal agencies just like the DEA You too can collect badges in numerous materials which includes metal and cloth, and add them to your collection over time. One important tip would be to sign up at a collectors club in which you will discover advice on starting your collection, preserving your badges as well as exchanging them with other fellow members so as to introduce selection in your own collection.

Just as a dog lover might collect service <a href=”” target=”blank”><b>dog badges</b></a> or dog embroidery patches of assorted breeds of dogs such as cocker spaniel, doberman, labrador, golden retriever, boxer, german shepherd, etc, you also can collect various badges issued through different law enforcement agencies including the police, fbi, and dea. While you can readily collect metal badges with the dea insignia as well as other details you must also take a look at embroidery badges that are produced by a badge manufacturer of repute. Such badges could have sharp details that can make it very attractive to you and your collector friends. Now you may collect, display perhaps even exchange embroidered badges or metal ones with folks in your dea fan club.

While metal badges, especially ones that are plated with gold can be very costly, embroidered badges are priced very reasonably and you could expand your badge collection with virtually no financial problems. You can have some aid of a pro in federal badges so that you end up getting a remarkable collection. Once you have managed to collect a respectable amount of badges then you can definitely also attempt to look for rare badges that may command quite a premium. It’s also wise to be conversant with federal laws regarding collecting and displaying such badges and should never loan a badge to a person that you don’t trust completely. When you order for a badge from any store including an on-line one then it will be your obligation to safeguard that badge.

You can also order for a matching badge wallet made out of leather when you order for a metal badge since this will provide an authentic look to your badge. While you can order for iron on badges or sew patches in your endeavor to receive authentic looking badges, you will not be able to wear those badges or patches in a public place. However, you can certainly make your own private collection and show it to your close friends over a few drinks.

You can easily commence a new hobby by collecting various federal agencies badges including badges of the Drug Enforcement Administration. You won’t just feel proud while boosting your collection but can also display your varied collection in front of good friends. So, start your very own dea badge collection today and watch it grow with time to constitute a wide array of metal badges, embroidery badges as well as other dea memorabilia.


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