Airlines’ pet travel requirements ans costs differ

Travelling with your pet requires preparation and good advance planning.  Don’t make a journey without proper identification, health certificate and medical records.

Not all dogs like to travel and if your pet is not familiar travelling in your vehicle, take some short trips and slowly build up to longer journeys.

When travelling with a dog in your vehicle, be sure to use proper restraints. Research the seat belt systems and travel crates that are now available. To keep your pet safe, a dog crate has proved the most popular investment. Add 30 pounds at impact on your dog in an accident in a car travelling at 35 miles per hour. Keep your pet safely secured while you travel on the road.

Do not leave your dog locked in a car. The temperature in a car in 70 degree weather will quickly climb into triple digits. Leaving the window down several inches does not provide enough ventilation. Many states are now passing laws prohibiting leaving your dog alone in a vehicle. In extreme temperatures it is best to leave your dog at home.

Some hotels welcome pets.  So do your research and make sure your “loved one” has a place to spend the night. When visiting a ‘dog friendly’ hotel, proper dog etiquette will be required/Train your pet in proper ‘dog etiquette’ when visiting a ‘dog friendly’ hotel. In some cases, the bad behaviour of some dogs has caused some ‘dog friendly’ hotels to refuse to accept pets. Keep your dog on a lead at all times, and make sure you clean up after dog walks. Do not leave your dog unattended in the hotel room as dog barking is always a big complaint by other guests

Procedures and costs will differ between airlines when transporting your pet by air.

Consider your destination and the risk of airline delays…this should be a consideration as your dog can be caged in the cargo holds in extreme weather conditions for long hours. In these cases, you should consider leaving your pet at home.

You must take into account the requirements of the country you want to visit when travelling abroad before making your travel arrangements. Recent rabies and other vaccinations will be required in a Pet Passport by most countries. Proof of vaccination will be required by Mexico and Canada.    Canada requires proof of rabies vaccination within the past three years, whilst Mexico requires proof of vaccination within the past year. Hawaii law requires quarantine for your pet for 6 months, as may some other countries.

Owner travel with small dogs in approved crates are permitted to travel in the cabin in some airlines.

The safety of your pet should always be the main consideration when you decide to travel with your dog.

Our writer is mum to three dogs who keep her company in her office when she is working on her ecommerce sites, selling pursehangers, handbags and purse organizers.


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