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Dogs And Fences – Know What Kind Is The Best For You

Containing your pet dog to your premises may be tough, particularly if you reside in towns. If you’d like your hunting dog to have the versatility of playing around outdoors while keeping him safe and sound, fencing certainly is the remedy.

Do your homework on the net, or consult with someone at the pet or feed shop to find the advice you will need with regards to containment system or click here. You will find that there are several containment system alternatives on the market, nevertheless basically, you’ll find 3 kinds of containment choices for your bird dog. 

The Traditional Fence 

Most gun dog owners will most likely consider the standard fence before any other possibilities come to mind. Chain fences and wood fences usually are fine choices if you reside in towns since it doesn’t only safely contain your pet, it’ll keep other pets and strays in your community off your property. Additionally, wood fences possess the added benefit of privacy. 

However, you’ll want to understand that some bird dogs, including terriers, are able to dig underneath wooden fences and break free from the constraints, while other dogs might be able to climb up chain fences to get to the opposite side. You’ll be able to remedy this problem by properly training your gun dog and supplying him with toys and activities making sure that he does not lose interest.  
The original fence, although an excellent choice, is not the only one. You may find that they are costly to purchase and set up, plus some neighborhoods may not enable you to put up a fence. If this is the way it is, you should think about a hidden fence. 

The Invisible Fence 

The next choice is an electric powered fence. The invisible fence is set up by digging around 3 inches underneath the ground and running an electrical cord all through your premises. Canine owners can choose exactly what places they want to restrict the bird dog to and make an outline. Then, the pet owner will set a receiver (similiar to dog shock collar) around the dog’s neck that is wirelessly connected with a core box. It looks and feels like a dog collar, other than there’s a black box and 2 metal nodes on the collar.

As the dog wanders and gets near the established restrictions, the receiver gives forewarning beeps. In the event the bird dog gets too close to the boundary, a small electrical shock will go through the collar. The level of jolt depends on the settings, which the owner can manage. The device is also equipped with flags. These kinds of warning flags gives the bird dog a visible signal that they have strayed too close to the border. While you train and work with your bird dog, he can begin to learn that he needs to back away from the boundary when he gets shocked.  
There is yet another substitute for the invisible fence. This particular invisible fence is wireless, therefore, the electrical cable doesn’t have to be buried. Alternatively, the unit utilizes a remote transmitter along with a collar receiver. It is possible to set a comfortable radius for example 10 or 20 feet, and the signal is distributed to the collar receiver. The rest functions just as the previous type of invisible fence, with regards to the caution beeps and mild jolts.

Contrary to popular belief, you are able to set up the hidden fence yourself, and the price is lower than installing a standard fence. However, since there is no physical confinement, your gun dog can still leave the invisibly fenced area. If he gets further out onto the other side of the fence, the collar cannot receive signals.


Not only is it embarrassing to have an escaped bird dog, the result can be very serious. Your hunting dog can get lost, or worse, get hit by a car and possibly die. No matter how friendly he is, he may snap or bite strangers if he is approached, and can cause damage to others and their property. Because he is your bird dog, you will be liable for all damages.

Typically, bird dogs that escape want to mate, thus getting your dog spayed or neutered will definitely lessen the potential for having a runaway dog. By staying positive and training your bird dog, you’ll be able to prevent your gun dog running away and keep much better control of your gun dog.