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What In The World Are Dogtra Electronic Collars?

If you’ve just purchased or acquired a dog, whether it’s a hunting dog or a working dog, you’re probably going to need to give it some training.  Cooperation and effective, safe training are paramount to success, so you’ll be looking for a way to achieve all three goals.

For many hunting dog owners, the Dogtra Training Collar is the option they use making them one of the leading brands of dog training collars.  The Dogtra Training collar has some features that helped make it a leading brand including:

Safety Features: no static impulse is available above a safe level and no “accidental” jolt is possible, nor are sustained stimulations due to something sticking on the button or holding it down.

Waterproof: this feature is even more important if you’re training a hunting or fielding dog (although it’s helpful for pets as well) because you will be spending time outside with your dog;

Controlled Stimulation: You can control the type of stimulation your dog should receive. It is up to you whether your dog needs a gentle reminder or a larger impact for his behavior.

Pager: You can train your dog to behave without electronic stimulation.

Some people believe that training collars that deliver a stun to a dog means you’re being inhumane.  This is simply a myth – these collars are veterinarian approved and are safe for your dog, and the added safety features ensure safe use.  The secret to the successful use of the Dogtra Training Collar and any other type of training device is to combine the stimulation with a voice command so that your dog begins to learn what it expected of him.

Some of the Dogtra Dog Training Collar models that are available now are:

Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dog Training Collar

The Dogtra 200NCP Gold Dog Training Collar is perfect for a small or medium sized dog that is typically less than one half mile from you when you’re attempting your training.  This unit provides a lightweight collar for your dog as well as a lightweight transmitter for your use.  You control when the collar is activated for training purposes using the transmitter.  This is the ideal unit for those who are hunting since it provides such a wide range (880 yards) and trying to teach the pet acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Dogtra 175NCP Dog Training Collar

This unit is top of the line. The Dogtra 175NCP is a waterproof unit that will work when your dog is up to 400 yards (1200 feet) away from you.  This unit is not only very helpful for hunters but also is very helpful for those who are training a family pet who is typically in closer contact with their owners.

All Dogtra Dog Training Collars are known to be safe, and they are effective in training all kinds of dogs, be it a family pet at home or a new hunting dog. Because of its safety measures, you can be assured that your dog will not be injured or harmed when training him. saņemt auto kredītu bankā. Ieskaties šeit labākie auto..

How to calm a dog

Dogs are the best friends and protectors of humans. Dogs have made a significant difference to humans way of life. On many occasions, dogs have comforted and manifested their affection to humans. The mere presence of these animals have given pet owners a kind of reassurance that everything will be all right. Dogs are tough and they have gained the reputation of being the defender of their people but such is not always the case. Like humans, dogs too get stressed and it is up to the master to calm the dog.

Different situations in the environment can result to a circumstance where it is necessary to calm the pet. A dog exposed to a stressful situation may frantically bark, salivate excessively, tremble or whine pitifully. Other dogs would react to a stressful environment in a different way. Some dog owners find managing a stressed dog very difficult. Loud noises such as the sound of thunder and firecrackers, unfamiliar faces and places as well as new situations would trigger the nervous behavior of dogs.

Constant exposure to the objects and situations that triggers nervousness would develop fear phobia in the dog. As such it would not be impossible for the pet’s quality of life to be affected. Naturally, no pet owner would want to forever deal with a highly stressed dog. It is but necessary for pet owners to know how to calm the pet.

A pet owner can help the pet by knowing what causes the stress so that the situation can be avoided. Avoiding stressful situations would not be always possible thus the best thing an owner can do is to find effective ways to calm the pet.

Dogs appreciate being petted. Pet owners use massage to calm the pet. Slow circular movements of the hand that starts from the head to the tip of the tail will be very calming for the dog. Apart from being naturally curious, dogs are food motivated as well so that Kong toys will remove the dog’s attention from whatever is causing the stress and the efforts to get the food from the Kong toy will eventually calm the pet. Dogs are highly energetic animals. To calm the pet, an owner must ensure that the dog is given sufficient opportunities to exercise as tired dog are calm dogs. Have you tried the trick of yawning to calm your hyper pet? Dogs are calmed if humans are seen yawning.

The Uses and Features of Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic dog collars are a very effective way to discipline your dog.  No matter the size of your dog, they provide long-lasting training, whether it be a 2-pound Chihuahua or a 200-pound Great Dane.  Despite what some people may think, they are very humane in the way they work.

There are three basic types of electronic collars:


Perimeter Control

Field Training

Anti-Bark Collars

The most common collar that dog owners look for is one that will train their dog to not bark when it’s inappropriate.  These collars are designed to teach your dog that barking is not appropriate behavior.  These collars are very technologically advanced they sense only your dog barking, and not other dogs who may be around them.   Many models allow dog owners and trainers to control the length of time that your dog will be ‘warned’ as well as the intensity of the warning. There are built in safety features to ensure the dog does not get hurt during use.  The theory behind the collar is simple: teach the dog that barking is a negative and generally, dogs learn this very quickly and the habit of inappropriate barking is stopped very quickly.

Perimeter Control and Electronic Fencing

If you want to allow your dog some freedom in your yard, this could be the type of electronic collar that you need.  These collars are designed to work from a controller – signal emitters or even underground wiring – that allows your dog to “travel” a preset area without putting up an unsightly fence on your property.  If your dog “strays” from the perimeter that is pre-set, then he’ll get a short, static shock that will remind him he’s out-of-bounds. Returning to  an appropriate area will stop this shock.  Many dog owners find that after a dog is fully trained the dog will not likely stray out of the pre-designated area even when there is no collar or charge.  These collars also have safety features that prevent your dog from coming to any harm when you adjust the level of correction.  Not only are these collars safe for your dog, they are extremely effective in helping you keep your dog safe.

Field Training Collars

A very popular and highly effective use of electronic training collars is in the field for hunting or working dogs.  In this instance, the collars work in conjunction with a hand-held transmitter that the owner or trainer carries.  The trainer can use the collar to interrupt bad behavior or to send warning beeps or vibrations when bad behavior is beginning.  As with the other types of collar, these are controllable by the person using it and have a long range, allowing for distance field training (like retrieving, herding, etc.) without the use of cumbersome long leashes.  They are water/weather proof and very durable and end the frustration of distance training without this valuable tool.

New Developments

There are now ultra-sonic training collars that work the same way these other models do, but issue a high-pitched, ultra-sonic sound rather than a static charge.  This eliminates the argument about whether the collars are humane and testing shows that it can be just as effective as the other collars at deterring bad behavior and training good habits.

There are many electronic dog collars out on the market ranging from training collars to bark collars to tracking collars.

How well does your dog hear

It is not uncommon for people to associate dogs with paranormal happenings. Dogs are well loved animals but an owner can’t help but be annoyed with a pet that howls and stares into nothing especially on dark nights as this behavior is often associated with superstition beliefs that portends tragic incidents. Dogs are even believed to have the ability to foretell death. However, these beliefs are not supported by scientific basis and the dog’s amazing abilities are attributed to the animal’s sensitive senses.

Smell that is a dog’s most important asset is closely followed by the hearing sense. These ultra sensitive senses are the reasons why dogs excel in protection work. Dogs can be relied to sound the alarm if an intruder is seen.

The ears of humans and dogs have an almost similar anatomical characteristics but a dog’s hearing ability is far superior to what humans have. Unlike human ears that are attached close to the head, dog ears are highly movable. The outermost section of a dog’s ears can be tilted, rotated and swiveled independently to capture sounds more efficiently. By moving the ears like a satellite dish, the dog can turn the ears to the exact point where the sound is coming from to better pick up the sound. Law enforcers that use canines take advantage of the dog’s unique ability to move the ears as often times, the direction of the ears discloses the location of a suspect. The type of ears does not impair the hearing ability of a dog. Bloodhounds and other floppy eared breeds can still hear much better than humans.

You may think that the hearing sensitivity of a dog would have some disadvantages because our canine friends will be flooded with sounds. Humans will be inundated by various sounds that are heard simultaneously. Dogs though have a unique ability to tone down the impressive hearing ability by filtering sounds. Humans will surely be pestered by the noise created by playing children especially if more noise is contributed by a blaring stereo but this din will have no effect on a sleeping dog.

Dogs have a unique knack of counteracting their sensitive hearing abilities. Dogs would simply filter the sound. Watch how a dog that would sleep through deafening loud noises would instantly wake up once the rustling sound of kibble on the metal feeder is heard.

Ticks On Dogs: Keep Your Beloved Dog Away From These parasites

Ticks on dogs aren’t desired by any pet dog owner. They are malicious small blood suckers that animals and persons alike find to be very irritating. Not only do they provoke your dog to be painful, but they also end up dropping onto the lounge rug when you aren’t counting on them. Two or three techniques may be used to remain ticks away from being a nuisance to both you and your canine companion.

Pets who stay outside the majority of the time are more disposed to gathering ticks than an inside dog. Nonetheless, if you have tall grass in your garden or alongside the edges, any dog may get ticks from this zone.

Preserving grass cut short will lessen the likely-hood that your pet dog can pick up any stray ticks. Verdant places may also be atomized with pesticides to discourage ticks on your dogs.

Organic pesticides are available from several lawn and backyard shops. These are superior to apply than the variations with lots of chemical compounds within them. Pets have been recognized to get unhealthy from chemical-filled pesticides, even when the correct quantity of drying time has taken place. Ticks on your dogs are less general when bedding is sprayed or covered with flea and tick powder.

Furthermore making certain your dog’s bed is free from ticks, implementing on a monthly basis repellent to your pet dog will as well facilitate. There are special preparations that can be squeezed on the back of your pet dog’s neck for complete defense against parasites. This medicine generally lasts a month and eliminates fleas as well. Collars with remedies lying on them for rejecting ticks are a less expensive alternative to the monthly application.

Most flea and tick collars keep on quite a few months at a time. Ticks on dogs are tamable, but you can have to test a few methods before you acquire something that works fine for your pet. Usually long-haired dogs have hair that is so compact that it’s tricky to see parasites in the first place. Except you keep a close eye on your pet dog, you will end up omitted ticks that have sticked themselves to your pet dog companion.

Keeping safe your pet dog from parasites is not going to just assist him have a more pleasant living, but it may as well hold you away from finding squished parasites on your ground. Ticks on dogs can leave scars, sores, and instigate skin infections.

Occasionally these infections grow to be extreme enough that an appointment to the vet is in order. Ensure that your pet is protected all through the months whereas ticks are out and about.


The Simplest Steps For Mange Mites Treatments

Do you know the easiest ways for mange mites treatments? Whenever your pet gets to be infected, it may be hard to take to see it scratching and triggering itself some pain in a futile effort to cure it’s irritation. Whenever a pet is affected by an even more severe case of mites, it can cause a skin illness known as mange. Mange is basically where the harmful bacteria dig away in the skin, resulting in severe reddening as well as the hair loss. This document will eventually provide you with some great concepts to begin dealing with your pet’s mange right away and save your pet from causing further harm to itself.

There are many kinds of mange that may affect your pet, yet the most popular of which is known as Sarcoptic mange. The mites behind this skin offender are incredibly small and cannot be observed with the human eye alone. For that reason, they are extremely risky not only for your pet but probably to you because they soar from hosts constantly. These types of mites can exist for as much as twenty two days on their host and also recreate at a dramatical rate in that occasion.

Precisely what are the signs and symptoms of mange? Well as We have said, the most clear is the hair loss, but more dangerous cases can lead to a number of scratch wounds or reddened, crusty skin. It is completely vital then that you begin treating pet mange immediately and be careful how you begin handling your pet in this approach. Sarcoptic mites are really contagious, so make sure you dress yourself in gloves when taking your pet back and forth from the veterinarian.

Do you know the solutions designed to overcome dog or cat’s mange? There are a lot cat or dog owners who will profess that natural home remedies work miracles, but think about it. They’re untested and may even harm your pet even further. What you must do as soon as you detect your pet starting to scratch a little overtly is contact a veterinarian. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Many of the products which the veterinarian may suggest for mange mites treatments can include oils for bathing your pet. Giving your pet’s coat an intensive scrub with a parasite destroying oil or shampoo, nearly all minor cases of mites will probably be disguarded instantly. Having said that, if the case of a more weepy, injured looking mange crops up, vets frequently prefer to use a series of anti-parasitic shots which primarily jackets the pet in a moderate pesticide. This is a very severe remedy though, and in many cases your pet is going to be sorted of it’s mange problems with regular washing and keeping its nutrition up. So never worry, the treating of the pet mange is swiftly and effective – be sure that you see your veterinarian.

How To Deal With Ear Mites Cats

Our cats may be scratching, trembling their own brain, chaffing their head on the surface, and a foul odor are being discharged from ear mites cats.

What makes our dogs and cats scratch and even behave this way? They have ear mites and you’ll find natural residence treatments for dogs and cats also as medications that may be recommended by your vet.

You have to understand these pets are absolutely depressing? Do you imagine what is ought to end up like to have countless modest pests buzzing all over inside your ears?

These ear mites are parasites. They live on the body liquids in our pets and they particularly adore to live in their ears.

As you look into the ears of your cat or your dog, you’ll see what looks like coffee grounds or the appearance that the ears have a great deal of reddish, brownish, blackish granules of dirt in their ears.

Once I looked at the ears of my pet they appeared to be black coffee grounds. The skin of the ear was reddish colored, slightly inflamed and seemed sensitive.

What you’re not able to see together with your normal eyesight is the ear mite. Scrape a sample of this waxy build up and smear it on a dark sheet of paper. By searching by way of a magnification glass, you may see little white points moving forward. Those would be the mites.

Do you see yellowish or bluish color to the ear skin of your cat? Do you really notice a waxy build-up of black coffee like grounds? In the event you scrape that waxy buildup and location it on a dark sheet of paper and peer by way of a magnifying glass you will will find those white points moving; ear mites.

These small white points or dots represent a large number of ear mites. These mites are transmittable to other animals.

Ear mites occur because of poor hygiene and dirty surroundings. We will need to maintain our pets and their area clean.

Most of us feel that we do maintain our pets and their environment clean, however they still have difficulties with ear mite infestation.

There are two other causes; one is your pet contracted the ear mites from another animal or you could have a dog like mine which owns lengthy floppy ears and the interior of their ears offers a favorable environment for ear mites.

Nicely, between you and me; it will be many months of cleaning our pets, their surroundings, and spraying the environment with insecticides. If you will find other pets inside the house all will have to be isolated from each other.

Should you be not able to control the infection in either the cat or the dog, the end result will likely be deafness within your pet.

For the cat, location mineral oil drops into the ear to help loosen any crusty buildup. If the ear is raw and inflamed, it is advised that you make an appointment with your veterinarian to test for other alternatives.

For the dog, wipe ears clean daily. I am currently applying by ear drops an assortment of garlic and olive oil. When the ear mites cats  is raw and painful and no improvement is seen, I too will want to make a meeting with the vet to rule out other alternatives.

Pet’s Habits Can Change Due To Pet Arthritis

There are certainly signs and symptoms within your pet’s behaviour which you can look for to figure out if he’s got pet arthritis to enable you to bring the right measures.

If you notice that your pet won’t act like he is used to. Motions might be rigid or clumsy. If you notice a very limited range of motion in certain joints. Limping is always a solid clue that he or she have joint troubles.

Suffering is probably the most recognizable indications of pet arthritis and also the most annoying for pet owners, as your pet are not able to let you know where they’re hurting.

The actual pain can be gentle, average or maybe deep throbbing. Initial phases of minor pain is really what ordinarily transpires after the joint is employed and in most cases disappears if your pet rests. As times keeps going, every mobility in the joint results in a clever pain, and can possibly interrupt sleeping. If you notice, restlessness in your pet, perhaps it is an indication.
Along with the soreness occurs hesitancy in walking or maybe may hold that limb in several stance. Your furry friend may whimper or flinch if selected portions of his body are carressed. He may resist from being grabbed.

Grouchiness is an additional hint to think about. When your pet is in pain, he probably seems weak around several animals or perhaps while he is being grabbed.
Depression is usually a manifestation of pet arthritis symptom. When your pet fails to welcome you from the door when you’re getting home, he might be in pain. He may have a relatively unhappy look in his eyes, or perhaps decline to fiddle with his best toy.

Moreover, you may might realize a loss in appetite. Your own pet may turn down his most beloved food, or maybe he could not eat for several days. This will be a reason to be concerned, and yes it would be a wise decision to talk to your veterinary doctor.
Irregular urination may be a symptom that you pet has arthritis. Your furry friend may begin peeing in your house when they have never ever done this previously. The particular reason why this is done is because it is far too agonizing to go outside or if you have a cat, use the litter box. Unusual peeing could also be an indicator or yet another ailment, not only pet arthritis. It’s advocated that you just go to a veterinarian.

Unnatural sleeping behaviours may be an indicator. In case your pet is sleeping extended hours, maybe it’s pet arthritis. Pets bring this about mainly because less movement implies much less discomfort.

Ways to Curb Your Dog’s Aggression

Dog aggression comes in several forms, and can possibly be a very serious issue if not treated correctly from early on . Common forms of dog aggression involve dog aggression towards strangers, and dog aggression towards family members. To learn how to stop the two, different approaches to training are required .

First and foremost, if your dog’s aggression is constant in spite of your efforts to the contrary, you should think about the chance that an underlying medical condition is accounting for your dog’s aggression, such as a chemical imbalance, fever, or other causes . You ought to have a veterinarian carry out a thorough examination . Medication can be used to diminish or get rid of the aggression .

How to stop dog aggression towards strangers

Socializing your dog, where she would get used to other people, other dogs, and other animals, is something that ought to be started at an early age .

To understand how to stop dog aggression towards strangers, you need for your dog to be sociable . By introducing her from a young age to a variety of new experiences, new people, new dogs, and other animals, you are showing your dog that new experiences, sights, and sounds are fun, and not something to fear . It is also essential to introduce your dog to other places and other environments as well, like playgrounds, picnics, off leash areas, and pet stores that permit your dog on the premises .

It really should be remembered that your dog really should be exposed gradually to the different environments and experiences .

How to stop dog aggression towards family members

Dog aggression with food is quite common amongst dogs. This happens when your dog reacts aggressively towards someone, such as a loved one, if she is approached while she is eating, or if you attempt to take her food away .

You may be wondering why this would take place between a dog and the owner? It comes down to the issue of dominance . Is your dog dominant?

She might show aggression when you try to take her food, as she knows you will not punish her if she does . On the other hand, if it is obvious to your dog that she is not the leader of the family, it will be much easier for you to stop dog aggression towards family members .

The best way to learn how to stop dog aggression towards family members is regular obedience training that will serve to underline your authority over your dog, and to show her that you are the one in charge . A couple of short sessions a day showing your dog that you are the boss will work wonders .

Praise and reward your dog when she complies with your orders.   You need to show your dog that you are in charge . If your dog does not think you are in charge, you can anticipate dog aggression towards family members for the long haul .



How to paper train a dog

Most households have dogs because these animals make great companions. Some people though would think twice about taking one for a pet. Taking a dog is no joke as these animals would entirely depend on the owner. A puppy just like a baby would need constant supervision as both would get into trouble if left alone for quite some time.

Training the dog to eliminate in the designated area is a concern of most pet owners. Training the dog to go potty in the right place is not the responsibility of a breeder. Housebreaking the dog should not be a problem as an owner have several techniques to choose from in training the dog. A pet parent can paper train the dog.

Paper training is usually the option of pet owners living in high rise buildings or pet owners that do not have the luxury of staying at home all day to monitor the activities of the pet. If you have selected this housebreaking technique, you need to select a room with an easy to clean floor. Use a bathroom or any room with an easy to clean floor to be the training area. This room has to have the bed, the toys as well as the feeding bowls of the pet. Use old newspapers to cover about ¼ of the floor area. The bed of the dog must be placed several feet away from the area covered with newspapers as dogs would not eliminate near the place where they sleep.

The untrained dog would poop and pee all over the room thus the pet must be closely monitored at least during the early part of the training. While staying inside the room to supervise the activities of the dog, you can play and bond with the pet. When the dog scratches and sniffs the floor or turns around in circles several time, it is about to eliminate. Take the dog at once and get him to the pile of newspapers. After the dog has eliminated on the designated place, praise the pet. The dog will know that you are pleased thus it will use the same spot again. Be sure to remove only the top paper from the pile so that the smell of the dog’s excrement will remain. Dogs tend to eliminate in the same spot where they can smell their excrement.

Pretty easy huh? Actually it is not. The dog has to be constantly supervised before it would use the paper pile on its own.