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Coprophagia: A dog’s abhorrent habit

Popeye the Sailor Man owes his famous human strength from eating spinach. Dog owners have always been complaining about the pet’s obnoxious habit of eating feces. Is it possible that dogs consider feces as a food elixir that would enhance their strength?

The food bowls of pet dogs are regularly filled with food thus the habit of eating feces was not developed because the dog is hungry. Dogs are well loved pets and dog owners would not think twice to pay for pricey dog food as long as the health of the pet is ensured. Dog owners make sure that the pet have enough food. Dog owners would even go against the advice of dog behaviorists not to feed the dog before they have their meal so as not to encourage the pet to develop a pushy behavior. Dogs definitely do not eat feces because they are hungry.

The feces eating habit is a trait handed down to modern day dogs by their ancestors that live in the wild. The feces eating habit is associated with the dog’s self protection instinct. Like any other animal in the wild, dogs too would hide their presence from predators. The distinct and far reaching smell of feces is not unlike a red flag that announces the dog’s whereabouts. What can be a better way of removing all traces of the dog than eating the feces. Generally, modern day dogs live safe and secure inside the homes thus there is no need to hide from predators. The need to protect themselves from predators is deeply established so that even if hiding from predators is no longer necessary, dogs will still be seen eating poop.

It seems that dogs are skilled in knowing the abnormalities in their system. For instance, a dog will just eat grass if toxic substances are ingested and presto! the substance not accepted by the stomach will be ejected. Coprophagia or the habit of eating feces is associated with the dog’s need to fill up a nutrient deficiency that results from eating less nutritious dog food.

Dog owners are aware that their pets are social animals thus they would set aside some time to bond with the pet. Some dog owners though may not be aware of this need and others simply do not have the time. The habit of eating poop can be the dog’s way of getting the masters attention. True, this abhorrent habit will annoy the pet owner and the dog will be reprimanded but reprimands would be better than being ignored.



Ancient Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Explore the Wonders of Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egyptian religion the gods and goddesses often appear in families of 3 or of 9. Every larger town had its inspired family to whom they built shrines. Many of the same divine names occur in multiple towns and divine families at the same time.

Ancient Egypt’s Gods were invisible to humans, but they were able to ascend to earth and inhabit statues or animals, and through these manifest their will to the priests, who then delivered the messages to ordinary people.

Ancient Egyptian Gods are represented as animals or humans, or half of each. The animal with which the god or goddess is identified often has some qualities that are connected with the divinity. moreover, they have different crowns to help characterize them.

Next is a list of some of the more significant gods and goddesses in ancient Egyptian religion:

Amun is the principal ancient Egyptian god of Thebes; he became increasingly important during the New Kingdom, and was eventually elevated to the role of a tutelary divinity in various parts of Egypt. He is represented wearing a crown with two long plumes.

Anubis is a male divinity with the head of a jackal; he presided over the funerary cult and was believed to have invented the technique of mummification. He accompanied the dead person to the hereafter and was therefore identified with Mercury during the Roman period.

Aten is the solar disc, and the source of life and heat. He is first mentioned as a divinity under Amenhotep III. However, it was during the sovereignty of Amenhotep IV – Akhenaten – that his cult, primarily instituted to counter the authority of the priesthood of Amun, was precisely codified and started to become far-flung in Egypt. When Akhenaten died the worship of Aten was suppressed.

Atum was the primordial solar divinity and the patron of Heliopolis. He was symbolized by the setting sun and was represented as a man wearing a double crown to symbolize his rule over the whole of Egypt.

Hathor was the incarnation of the quintessence of femininity, and was widely worshipped in many areas of Egypt. She is represented as a cow, or a woman with cow’s ears.

Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. He is often represented as a falcon or a falcon-headed man. He was worshipped in various parts of Egypt and the reigning king was identified with this ancient Egypt god.

Isis was the wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. She was widely worshipped throughout the Mediterranean in Roman times. During the pharaonic period she was pictured as a woman with a throne or a solar disc and two cow’s horns on her head.

Maat was the ancient egypt goddess of justice and the young woman of Ra. She is shown as a woman wearing an ostrich feather on her head. She represents the principal of order, which inspires the king as he governs the ostrich feather. She also appears as a counterweight to the dead person’s heart on Anubis’s weighing scale when the dead are judged.

Nephthys was the sister and wife of Seth. She was involved with her sister Isis in seeking and remaking the dismembered body of Osiris. She is represented as a woman with her own name in hieroglyphs on her head.

The ancient Egypt god Osiris was the brother and husband of Isis. He was born of the union between the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb. He became king of Egypt and was then killed by his brother Seth. He was worshipped as the king of the dead and represented as a mummy and with the Atef, a white crown with two ostrich plumes.

Ra was the sun god and was mainly worshipped at Heliopolis. He is shown as a man with the head of a falcon crowned with the solar discs.

Selqet was a scorpion goddess, and the protector of the king and the boat of the sun since the remotest antiquity. She is shown as a woman with a scorpion on her head.

Seth was the ancient Egyptian god of darkness, death, the desert and chaos. He killed his brother Osiris.


Five Thousand Years of History Waits!

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The tale of a dog’s tail

Dogs are one of the animals in the animal kingdom that have tails. The tail can be short stumps, well feathered, long or short – all the same, this extension of the spine has many purposes for a dog. Dog tails, no doubt makes a dog more beautiful. Japanese Spitz and American Eskimo Dogs are two breeds most admired for their beautiful tails. A beautiful tail certainly enhances the appearance of the dog but the tail is used by the dog in many other ways as well.

A dog’s tail has one very important role – as a balancing tool. Hunting dogs are acclaimed for their speed. Hunting dogs have to be fast and lithe to capture the prey. Tightrope walkers use balancing bars, dogs use their tails when trailing their prey on narrow ledges. Without the tail serving as a counter balance, a dog running at great speed that has to make an abrupt turn will surely topple over. Water retrievers make use of the tail as a rudder that makes swimming easier.

Dogs can’t talk but their tails can speak volumes. Dogs have an efficient tool in communicating with humans and other animals – the tail. A person doesn’t have to be a dog expert to be able to understand that a wagging tail means a friendly dog. Bared teeth and a stiff tail held high is as good as a written sign that the dog must be approached with caution.

Simply by the way the tail is held, a dog can communicate with other dogs. Furthermore, the tail serves as a unique ID system for dogs. By raising the tail, the anal gland is stimulated to secrete. Dogs use this unique scent to identify each other. Dogs are pack animals and the tail is an efficient tool in recognizing the rank of the dog. The leader of the pack is one whose tail is held high and stiffly wagged. Dogs lower in rank can be easily distinguished as the tails that are held much lower are wagged slowly as well.

A dog’s tail is used for comfort too. Another purpose of the tail is to drive insects that pester the dog. A tail is the dog’s very own muffler that is used as protection against extremely cold temperature. Northern dogs that sleep outdoors uses the tail to protect the face, especially the nose from cold.

Considering Dog Bowls For Your Best Friend

Your dog can be an critical member of the family members and they should have the ideal that you can offer them similar to proper dog bowls. They should spend a lot of time with their bowls. All throughout the day, they will arrive to it for water. Once or 2 times a day they could possess their foods there. There are quite a few points to look at once purchasing the appropriate dog bowls for your pet. Right here are a few things to think about.

You will see a lot of diverse sorts of resources for dog bowls. Just about every variety has excellent and bad points. It is critical to realize which is ideal for your pet. That way, you can make an informed decision.

Which materials to buy

Plastic material is a great dog bowl material. They are cheap. They may be manufactured from recycled plastic. This can make is an eco pleasant purchase. You can choose from a extensive variety of hues and designs additionally. They are unbreakable and you can put them in the dishwashing machine, in a lot cases. Be cautious if your pet chooses to chew items. Plastic material may crumble. Small pieces may generate their to your dog’s fruit.

Metal dog bowls can additionally operate for your dog. They can be stainless steel or aluminum. These bowls may be by nature, lightweight. This may make them easy to tip. They may additionally slide across the floor. Look for steel bowls that are weighted. You can also buy designs that are built to not tip easily.

Translucent glass or porcelain is an additional option for dog bowls. You should do consider the chance of breaking. They may also chip. If the bowl should not acquire considerably abuse, it could do fine. If kids can be giving the dog, these bowls may not fare well. If decreased, they could shatter. This could be a hazard.

Bowl styles

When purchasing dog bowls, recall your dog’s needs. They ought to be simple to clear. You should be capable to put them in the dishwasher. This will keep them sanitized. They could not tip easily. Bowls with smooth bottoms are a excellent choice. Some bowls have rubber inserts to keep them from sliding around.

Are you away frequently? Look at bowls that have feeder features. You can make sure that they possess sufficient food and water, all the time. If your dog has long droopy ears, make allowances. Try to get a more compact diameter, yet deeper bowl. This can assist to hold their hearing out of their fruit and water.


Your dog deserves your consideration when shopping for feeding equipment. Opt for dog bowls that are useful and could fill your dog’s needs. Ensure they are long lasting and practical. Make sure and clear them often. Get bowls that are garbage disposal, microwave safe. Be specific that they could not tip or spill easily, also.

Moving Services: Successful Moving And Domestic Pets

Taking your pets to a brand new home is a upsetting and complex event. If you are moving to a different nation, nevertheless, this process becomes infinitely more complicated. Therefore, it is essential that you plan in advance and set elements up to ensure that they are ready nicely in advance of moving day. You will discover many different factors that you simply must handle, specifically should you be moving with larger animals, so keep these recommendations in thoughts and give your self lots of time to care for the several factors of relocation with dogs and cats.

One of the first elements that you simply should do, even before you contact the international movers is find out what the legal requirements are for your domestic pets within the nation that you simply are moving to. Every nation has its own laws and rules that govern cats and dogs. Perhaps there are special vaccinations that your pet will need. Maybe you will have to supply particular types of proof to say that your animal isn’t aggressive in any way. While you will discover differences between every country, you will have to discover out from the embassy what laws will affect you.

Next, you will have to look through way to get your animal to the nation. In many cases, they must sit in quarantine for a set quantity of time. Be sure that you simply are aware of this and plan out the logistics of how to get your four-legged friend there, and then just how you’ll deal with the quarantine requirements.

One can find special furry companion transport agencies in the industry that will help you, just help make sure that you schedule them far enough in advance to be certain that they will probably be there to assist get you and your pet dog or cat relocated. Be sure to research any agents that you simply do hire so that you don’t end up handing your pet over to a specialist that ends up being a scam.

Be careful to set your self up for moving day too. Modifications that occur around them can normally cause troubles with a great number of dogs and cats. It is advisable to make sure that they have a place to be when there are movers and other strangers in the dwelling. Take into account that some family pets can run away or even get aggressive, so it’s very best that they remain isolated for the duration of relocating day. Ask a friend to keep an eye on your four-legged friend or maintain them in a space that is already empty. Just help make sure to tell anyone that’s helping you pack and load not to go into that space.

Relocating internationally is really a wonderful experience for you and your animals. Regardless of where you may be going, maintain these strategies in thoughts. You and your family pet can enjoy the new details that an additional nation will bring with it, as long as you’re cautious to prevent issues throughout the transition operation. Keep in mind, small animals will most likely be quite worried throughout this time of their lives, so bear in mind that you will have several additional operate forward of you. Regardless of what, however, it will all be worth it in the end, whenever you finally get settled into your brand new dwelling in the country of your dreams.


Why are grapes dangerous to dogs?

Grapes are favorite fruits of humans but these innocuous looking fruits can kill a dog. People commonly love to share whatever they are eating with the pet but because of the supposed harmful effects pet owners would not dare give the pet a single grape. The toxicity of grapes to dogs was verified although studies have failed to establish the cause of toxicity. One thing is for sure though – grapes can cause renal failure in canines. Grape toxicity would cause the dog severe pain and similar to other cases of poisoning, it can result to the death of the dog.

People love to eat grapes and raisins – and why not, grapes are delicious and contains loads of nutrients and vitamins. Grapes are good source of antioxidants. Oxidant or free radicals are the good cells that turned into rebellious cells because of the unhealthy lifestyle of people . Oxidants owe their existence to unhealthy food, alcohol, pollution and exposure to harmful rays of the sun. As good cells get contaminated by the bad cells or by the free radicals, people then suffer from health concerns like arthritis, heart diseases, cancer and many other more health concerns.

To stop these free radicals from doing more harm people need to have antioxidants and as mentioned grapes are good source of antioxidants. Not so many people are aware of this fact but not only handfuls but bowls of grapes will be consumed. Of course, weight watchers would favor this fruit as even if significant amount is consumed, no difference will be made on the waistline.

Grapes toxic effects on canines is a recent discovery. Before pet owner were warned about the harmful effects of grapes to canines, this fruit as well as raisins were used as treats when training dogs. Scientists and pet owners are puzzled as the toxicity of grapes do not affect all dogs. Some dogs would consume significant amount without being affected while other dogs that has consumed a few pieces of the fruit would manifest signs of poisoning. The toxicity of chocolates is dose dependent, this is not so with grapes.

A dog that was affected by the toxic contents of grapes would start to show a change in behavior. The dog will be hyperactive and then it will be depressed and become lethargic. Diarrhea and vomiting are signs that the dog was poisoned. Immediate treatment is necessary to save the life of the pet thus it must be rushed to the vet stat. If treatment is not given or delayed, the dog will have renal failure as the kidneys can no longer filter the toxins and this condition can lead to the death of the dog


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How to stop excessive dog barking

Dog owners, in one time or another have to face problems regarding the behavior of the pet. The dog’s tendency to soil the house and to chew destructively will only affect the owner. Excessive barking is a different concern as it also affects the neighbors. The dog’s excessive barking will disturb the owners as we well as the neighbors. The noise made by an excessively barking dog will irritate not only to the owners but to the neighbors as well. The excessive barking of a dog becomes a more serious concern as many dog owners live close to each other in condos and in apartments

Barking is generally not considered a problem. Dogs bark to communicate with humans and with other animals. Some owners actually value the barking of the pet as it serves as an early warning system that alerts them to a potential territorial intrusion. Barking becomes a problem when it gets out of control and starts to annoy people. Excessive barking is one of the most difficult canine behavioral problems to control.

Dogs are often abandoned by pet owners fed up by the unmanageable behavior of the pet. Excessive barking though can be stopped. Although barking is a natural behavior there are other reasons why dogs bark. Boredom, fear or excitement can make a dog bark excessively. To be able to address this concern, it is necessary to know what causes the dog to bark excessively.

Lonely and bored dogs tend to bark excessively. Bored dogs bark a lot thus, to stop the dog from barking it would be a good idea to leave interesting toys that will keep the dog busy. Dogs that are not allowed to let off steam bark a lot too thus regular opportunities to exercise is necessary to stop the dog’s excessive barking. Are you aware that one of the methods used to stop the dog’s excessive barking is to teach the pet to bark? Dogs are specifically trained to bark to alert humans to potential dangers but this training is also an effective way of stopping the dog’s tendency to bark excessively. A spray bottle or a can filled with coins are proven techniques that disrupt a dog about to bark.

Using ultrasonic devices that emit a piercing sound and dog training collars that deliver a spray of substance abhorrent to dogs can be used to stop excessive barking. Excessive barking can be the dog’s way to gain attention. A little attention given to the pet is all that is necessary to stop the bad behavior.

Good Idea to Give Your Puppy Bullysticks?

There is nothing nicer than watching your dog having a lot of fun. Whether he is running around running after squirrels, being scratched on the belly, or perhaps enjoying his favorite treat, everyone loves sharing a fun moment with a happy dog. There’s a treat you can offer your dog that takes this happiness to a whole new level – Bullysticks.

Want to know what Bully Sticks are made of?

We all want to make sure that the treats we give our dogs are nourishing, so it is only natural to wonder what Bully Sticks are made of. Okay. I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath. Are you ready? Good. Bullysticks are made from the private parts of bulls. Ahh, now the whole name thing is making sense to you, right?

Okay, it may not be the most pleasant thought, but Bully Sticks are 100% protein. The main source of these treats that get dogs all worked up is made from muscle tissue. That means that Bully Sticks are a healthy source of protein that is great for dogs. Yes, there’s no doubt that the bull gets the short end of the stick on this one, but you can’t argue with results. Dogs love Bully Sticks and these treats are good for your pet too.

Other popular dog treats beside Bully Sticks

A lot of people let their dogs go hog wild on rawhide treats, and never think twice about it. Rawhides are certainly one of the most popular dog treats, but they are certainly not beneficial for you dog’s wellbeing. Some dogs get seriously ill from eating them and they do not digest well at all. If given the choice between something healthy that your dog will enjoy, and something they might enjoy that isn’t healthy, I would rather give the dog the healthier choice.

There are other treats that dogs love, like roasted pig ears for dogs, contain a lot of protein. Bullysticks are not the only high protein, healthy treats; you do have choices.

What’s most important is buying a healthy treat that your dog enjoys playing with and eating. We may never know why, but dogs just go crazy for Bully Sticks. They can’t tell us why find them so darn delicious, so we just have to trust in the reaction they give when you give them one to gnaw on.

The mere scent of Bully Sticks alone can get a dog’s heart racing. Once they are able to bite into one, it’s like watching a kid on Christmas morning. Hey, you just can’t account for taste. A Bully Stick isn’t something any of us are likely to eat any time soon, but that doesn’t mean we should deprive our furry friends. Besides, nothing beats the appreciation dogs show when you give them a treat that they really love.

How to bandage an injured dog

A first aid kit is a must in a home with animals. With a first aid kit, a dog owner can deal with the possible injuries the dog can sustain. Bandages are one of the essential contents of a pet’s first aid kit. Applying bandage is a basic skill that must be learned by a dog owner as these very active animals are prone to accidents that can result to fractures and to wounds.

A bandage has many useful uses for the injured dog. It would be a challenge to prevent the dog from moving thus the injured body part usually sustains another trauma. Immobilization of an injured body part to provide the pet with relief from pain is one of the functions of bandaging. Bandage keeps the wound from getting dirty and because of the pressure exerted on the wound, swelling is controlled as well. This first aid measure will stop the bleeding of wounds and stabilize fractures before the vet can work on the dog’s injuries. Bandage has to be applied correctly otherwise the pet would receive no emergency care and the improperly applied bandage can even worsen the pet’s condition.

Pet owners has to know how to competently use bandage on the injuries of the pet. The pet can be restrained while the bandage is being applied but the concern would be on how to keep the bandage on. The adhesive bandage we humans use would be ineffective for our furry friends. Unknowing of the benefits of this first aid measure, the dog will try everything to remove the bandage. Owners should be aware of this fact thus the bandage has to be well secured.

Dirty wound must not be bandaged to prevent infection. Wound must be cleaned and disinfected before bandage is applied. Cover the thoroughly dried wound with a double strip of gauze. This strip of gauze must be again covered with several layers of bandage and secured with adhesive tape. Dogs would always try to remove the bandage so to hold it in place, the bandage must be secured to the fur with adhesive tape.

Another function of bandaging is to control bleeding. By wrapping the wound with layers of gauze, pressure that stems the bleeding is applied. The first aid giver though must ensure that the bandage is not wrapped too tightly lest it cuts off the circulation. The bandage has to be regularly checked to arrest the development of infection. Swelling and bad odor emanating from the bandaged wound are signs of infection. It is therefore necessary to keep the dog indoors so that the bandaged wound would be kept clean and dry.


Dog first aid – An essential knowledge for every dog owner

Dog lovers would urge their friends to get a dog for a pet. Dogs are aptly dubbed as man’s best friends because they make wonderful companions but getting one would be a big responsibility. Dogs are indiscriminate eaters, very inquisitive and known to have an energetic nature. It would not be surprising if these animals would be embroiled in adventures that can result to injuries. Dog owners therefore must always be ready to deal with such situations.

Accidents cannot be totally prevented. Do you know what must be done to a dog that has ingested chocolates or has fallen off the stairs? Do you know how to deal with the injuries sustained by the pet while chasing smaller animals? One time or another, a pet parent will have to deal with situations like these. A dog owner has to know how to administer first aid treatment to the pet. Veterinary care would certainly be needed but the dog owner’s first aid know how can save the life of the pet.

By administering first aid treatments, the pet owner can save the dog from pain, can prevent the dog’s condition from deteriorating and in to save the life of the pet as well. Many dog owners have no idea how to deal with the condition of the pet. Dog owners would know that something happened if the dog is seen bleeding. However, not many dog owners can recognize signs that the dog was poisoned or that the dog is in shock.

Staying calm is the best thing a dog owner can do. Rushing to a veterinary facility is the first reaction of a pet owner. Unfortunately, many pets have died before reaching the veterinary facility. The pet’s life could have been saved had the owner given the necessary first aid. With a well stocked first aid kit, first aid knowledge and common sense, a pet owner can deal with any emergency situations involving the pet. The owner has to act quickly but the injured pet must be thoroughly and carefully examined. Stressed dogs can manifest irrational behaviors thus the owner has to be careful in handling the pet. Check the airways. There should be visible chest movements. Towels or bandages can be used to apply pressure in order to stem the flow of blood.

Accidents involving the dog would always happen thus a pet owner has to be competent in administering first aid. First aid for pets would not be too different from first aid for humans. Knowing what must be done would give the pet greater chance to survive.